Mario Villalobos

Close up of a Chainsaw Man manga page
Spoilers ahead!

Chainsaw Man #127

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I admit, I’ve lost whatever blogging rhythm I built up since before I got sick in January. Not promising anything, but here’s a silly post to remind me what posting something new feels like.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared manga I like, and last week’s issue of Chainsaw Man made me laugh. Granted, I have a very childish sense of humor, so the joke at the end of this issue worked on me.

Obviously, spoilers ahead.

Full page capture of Chainsaw Man manga that begins in media res with Asa asking, How did you get over that, Chainsaw Man? Chainsaw Man says, I haven't! I'm not over it! Only, I've got something to live for! Something I look forward to so much that I'm willing to eat that crap burger! Asa asks, What's that?
Full page capture of Chainsaw Man manga that continues with Chainsaw Man yelling, Sex! I wanna have sex! Asa replies, Eww!

That final eww!! It had me on the floor! 🤣