Mario Villalobos


  • Journal

I drove back on Nine Pipe Rd with my new lens and snapped a few shots of geese and the mountains, and I came away both impressed and inspired. My camera can capture the world in a new way, and I want to keep shooting to see what else I can see. Unfortunately I won’t be able to this weekend because I have to write. I’m working on a new book idea, and I have to write it down to figure it out. I’m all but abandoning my last book because that mountain is one I no longer wish to climb. One of my problems is that I take too long to write my stories. My life changes too fast to stick with an idea I’m no longer interested in or have evolved away from, and these changes change the soul of the story enough that I always start over before I ever finish the original idea. It’s a problem, and I need to fix it.