Mario Villalobos


Watching The Plot Against America on HBO almost a month after an attempted coup and after 4 years of a Trump presidency was a traumatic experience. And I couldn’t look away. David Simon knows how to make some great art.

“It can’t happen here? No, it is happening here!”

Normal People on Hulu was just as good as the book, in its own way. I’m both in awe and in tears. It hits a melancholy note that reverberates throughout my current life’s circumstances. I love art like this so much.

Ewan McGregor in episode 7 of Long Way Round, after a couple of Russians killed a black bear, skinned it, and took its gallbladder:

It’s a wild animal living in its own habit, and no one’s got any right to shoot it with a gun. It’s disgusting.

Goddamn right. I love this man.

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