Mario Villalobos


My Second Brain

I finally updated the look of my tags on my archive page. I broke it out of the <details> tag, added counts, and put it all in a grid. This really helps me get a nice overall picture of what tags I’ve used and what I like to write about. I’ve been slowly going back and updating tags on my previous posts, and even though I still have lots more I want to do, I’m really happy with my output so far. My website really has become my second brain, and I’m having a lot of fun blogging, more fun than I’ve ever had online before.

I finally found a reason to use Font Awesome on my site: for my link posts. I added a nice link icon that helps me spot them on my site quicker. I also went back and updated some of my older posts with the new layout, and I dunno, I like it!

Update 5/10/21: Just kidding! I didn’t like how it took half a second to load the icon, so I’m using ainstead. You know, because it’s the same thing as a bookmark, and definitely not like that other guy.

Some Housekeeping

I removed all of my reading posts from my site. I felt like they cluttered up my stream, and I didn’t feel like they added value. I still have my reading page, though, that I’ll keep updating as I continue to read books. I also removed Cloudflare’s analytics script and my webmentions endpoint. I also didn’t think they added value, and, in some ways, felt like a distraction more than anything. I prefer the quiet.

I added my reading page today, but I haven’t added it to any part of my navigation yet. Not sure if I want to, so consider it a “secret” page. I’ll try to keep it updated as I read more books.

Okay, I think my site redesign is done. Phew. That’s more of a statement to myself to stop fiddling with it now and move on. My goal was to have something minimalist, with a focus on typography and photos. As a non-designer, I think I did okay. Now to back away slowly…

Last month I said that I wished I knew more about CSS. Well, since then, I’ve taught myself enough to build a website I’m proud to call my own. After weeks of hard work, I think I’m finally done with my redesign. I need to stop and focus on my writing and photography again.

This might sound lame to some, but I’m super proud of this: I figured out how to display my photos on my Photos page as a single column on mobile. It readjusts to three columns when in landscape, too.

I’m having a blast.

Edit: I broke it, but then I fixed it. I need a break.

I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time the last few days learning all I can about web design. From typography and CSS grids, to how Hugo works and how best to use it, I’ve fallen in love with the whole process. I like the idea of openly designing the whole thing, so here we are.

I spent more time today tweaking my website. I updated my home page with a brief biography and I love it. The next things on my todo list are to:

  • Update the colors
  • Use new fonts
  • Revise my bio with a bit more information

I’m really enjoying this corner of the web.

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