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This is a working draft of my planned Apple Fitness+ workout schedule:

Month 1 Week 1-2 Week 3-4
Monday HIIT Strength
Tuesday HIIT Strength
Wednesday Yoga Yoga
Thursday HIIT Strength
Friday HIIT Strength
Saturday Rest Rest
Sunday Rest Rest

Each workout is the 30 minute version, and I’ll add a Mindful Cooldown if the workout was particularly intense. In month 2, I’m thinking of mixing it up between HIIT, Strength, and Yoga, and maybe doing the 20 minute versions of these workouts and adding 10 minutes of Core to the end of them.

I’m really just thinking aloud here, but I’m really absorbing the benefits of showing your work, even if it is my workout schedule.

I love HIIT workouts. I love the fast-pace and the buckets of sweat. In school, I ran the 100, 200, and 400-yard dash. I wasn’t the fastest and I didn’t break any records, but I loved it all nonetheless.

Over the weekend I had some weird dreams. Checked the Health app and saw this:

My resting has been in the mid-40s for years, but I’ve never seen it go down to 34 bpm. That’s crazy! Okay, time for some yoga.

I decided to fully test out Apple Fitness+ this week. On Monday and Tuesday, I did two 30-minute HIIT workouts and felt great after each one, but today I’m sore as hell. I think today will be a good day to try a yoga session before finishing the week with two more HIIT workouts.

I’ve slept an average of just a few hours every night for the past week because of my noisy neighbors. After talking to them and my landlord on Thursday, things have settled down enough that I slept for almost 9 hours last night. I needed it, and my heart needed it, too:

I have to remember that I’m not as young as I used to be. I can’t keep pushing myself so hard and expect to bounce back like I used to. That’s how I hurt myself last time! Slow down and remember that this isn’t a race.

I’ve been sore every day for the past week, but the last few days have been more painful than normal. I’m on week two of T25: Beta, and on Saturday, I did my first Apple Fitness+ workout. It was a 20 minute HIIT workout with Bakari, then I did two mindful cooldowns with Jessica. Fitness+ is really slick and well-produced, and the trainers are very charismatic and personable. My Beachbody On Demand subscription doesn’t end until October, though, so I’ll enjoy my three month trial of Fitness+ and evaluate it later.

I set a weight loss goal of five pounds back in November, and since then I’ve only lost half a pound. That leads me to believe that my increased workout intensity isn’t enough; I have to focus on my diet and see what I need to change to lose the weight I want. This won’t be easy, but I love having clear goals and a plan to accomplish them. So let’s keep going.

My goal for the next few months is to lose at least five pounds. I know it’s possible because I’ve done it before. But I was younger then, and my body takes longer to recover now. Health is the foundation for everything else, so let’s do it.

Did my first intense workout today since hurting my back three weeks ago. I’m finally starting to feel like my old self again. But I know I’m only at the base of the mountain, and I have quite the journey ahead. All I can do is to keep going. So let’s go.

I had my very first physical therapy appointment today, and all in all, I’m unimpressed. I think I feel good enough to start working out again which both excites me and terrifies me. My next appointment is in two weeks, but all I could think about is going back outside with my camera.


Last year, I began to lift weights more seriously. My heaviest weights at the time were a pair of 30lbs dumbbells. I struggled with them in the beginning, but over time, as I grew stronger, they went from my heavy weights to my medium weights. Today, my heaviest are a pair of 40lbs dumbbells, and for most exercises, they’re heavy enough to make me work. For a few, though, they’re starting to feel light.

I became stronger through consistency and perseverance. Lately, I’ve been growing lazier and lazier in other areas of my life, from writing and reading to playing my guitar and keeping up with my chores. I can attribute some of that to the coronavirus and the lockdown from earlier this year but not all of it. The rest of it is on me, and I have to do better. I want to do better.

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