Fri August 21st, 2015

Day 348: T Minus 2 Days

Today was a slow day, and I think we all needed that. Our old crew boss is taking the next few days off to get her kids ready for the upcoming school year, so we got a new crew boss today, and he’s much more laid back than she was. So we sat around for most of the day.

We couldn’t do much without water, and our resources are so extended that we probably won’t get any skidgine’s for awhile. So we opened the spots as best as we could and we tried to dry mop them, but dammit, we couldn’t. They were just too hot. In fact, they were so hot, the deeper we dug, the softer the dirt became, and once we hit that soft dirt, we could see it boiling. There’s nothing like seeing dirt boil.

So we sat around, talked, goofed around, watched the storm roll in and pass us and then hit Ronan with 45 MPH winds and hail and lightning, and then bumped out and drove off the hill, just in case that storm decided to do something stupid over us.

And now I’m home, tired, washed, and ready for bed. 17 days to go.

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