Tue August 11th, 2015

Day 338: Popped my cherry

I took my first squad out today.

This fire has been one of the best ones I’ve ever been on. And by fire, I don’t mean like any particular fire, but the entirety of the time I’ve been out. I left last Tuesday, and here we are again on a Tuesday and three fires later. We went from the Couture Fire in Arlee to the Elk Fire in the Bison Range, back to the Couture Fire for a few more days, and now we fought the Garceau Fire in Polson. It looks like we can milk this fire for a few more days, which is awesome because I’m finally making Squad Boss wages, which is $2 more an hour than what I was making. I’m so happy.

I was really nervous today. It was all on me now, and I really let that get to my head, but after a bit of working the fire and getting back into the groove of things, things settled down and it was really fun being a boss again. I was a boss in McDonald’s, and now I’m back at it. A lot of those lessons still apply. It’s great.

But yeah… It’s late and we have to wake up early. Good night y’all.

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