Sat August 1st, 2015

Day 328: Chicken Prosciutto Involtini

I’m having fun in the kitchen again. This is a dish called Chicken Prosciutto Involtini, and I found it on the Nom Nom Paleo blog a few weeks ago. It was probably the tastiest thing I’ve ever made for myself in my life. I loved every bite. The prosciutto, which I think was the very first time I’ve ever had it, is making my mouth water just thinking about it. It was orgasmic.

Other than that, I had a normal, slightly unproductive day. I slept for over nine hours, which felt good, but sleeping that much makes me groggy and a bit apathetic. I had my alarm set for 5 AM, and it did go off, but it wasn’t enough to get my ass out of bed.

It’s the first day of August, which means I’m on my last month of my one year project. This project ends about a week into September, and this streak seems a little easier now because I’ve only been called out on one fire. I expected to be busier this summer, but I haven’t been, and that sucks. Nothing I can do about it, though.

And that’s kind of all I have for today. I guess I’ll have to proclaim this picture to be worth 300 words or so.

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