Tue July 7th, 2015

Day 303: Guilt

I have this overwhelming amount of guilt weighing on my shoulders right now because I completely forgot to write Tuesday’s entry once I got home from the fire. The fire ended with a whimper and not with a bang, and the quality of the crew matters a whole lot more than I imagined it would. This was the worst time I’ve ever had on a fire, and it made me severely question my continued involvement to firefighting this summer. I came home tired and sore and cranky and all I wanted to do was shower and lie in bed watching the Good Wife. I did, and I completely forgot about my authorial duties.


I’m going to give myself a pass on this one. I’m posting this entry as if I wrote it the night I was supposed to when in fact I’m writing it at 9:17 AM on Wednesday morning. I will write tonight’s entry tonight and continue with my goal of 365 straight entries. The entry I wrote on Monday I actually did write on Monday, in my tent, after coming off the mountain tired and sweaty and stinky. I will have more to say about this tonight, but for now, I’m sorry. I really didn’t make it to 365 days, and that sucks because my mind was somewhere else. Firefighting does that. Man…

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