I’m going to bitch about work this entry, and it might not make any sense or be that entertaining to read to anyone but myself. For that, all I have to say is fuck off. This is my space.

Today was supposed to be a good day. A normal day. A day to relax and get some projects off the ground. It was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which meant no students, which meant time to myself. That’s not what happened. The moment I stepped inside the high school building, I was told by a few teachers that the internet wasn’t working. I checked my phone to see if I was connected to the wireless, and I was, so I figured something happened to this teacher’s laptop. I go check it out and sure enough, I couldn’t connect to the internet. Little did I know that this was just the start of a whole day of pain.

My phone could connect to the internet. My laptop could connect to the internet. My iPad could connect to the internet. The teacher’s laptop could connect to the internet if it was hardwired to the network. But try to connect to one of the available wireless networks? Nope. All we got was an error message that said Windows could not connect to the network. It was so quick all the time that I thought maybe something was misconfigured on the laptop itself. I tried manually creating a connection to the network, and that didn’t work. I checked the logs, did the whole ipconfig gameplan, even restarted until my fingers bled, and nothing. So I went into my office and started checking my domain controllers.

My domain controllers were giving me errors concerning our DNS server. Error and error after error. Great, I thought. A start. But I didn’t know why they were giving me these errors. Nothing was changed — hell, nothing was touched since I left Friday that could’ve set off these errors. I went through each error and looked up solutions for them online. I fixed error after error after error until those errors didn’t come up anymore. Great, right? I fixed it. Nope. I tried my work laptop — which were giving me the same errors as the teacher laptop — and nothing. Same errors. I rebooted, flushed the DNS, tried making sure the changes I made to the server propagated across the network and into my laptop. Nothing. It didn’t work. I was stumped.

I tried checking the Group Policy, changing the DC’s NIC settings — which reminds me, out of our 2 DC’s, each with 8 virtual NIC’s that control our entire network, only one NIC was giving me issues. It was the switch controlling the IP address to my primary domain controller, or PDC for short, and it wasn’t connecting to the internet. It had no internet access. I checked and re-checked ad infinitum it’s DNS settings, its DHCP settings, everything I could, and nothing. It was giving me limited connectivity and I didn’t know why. I still don’t know why. I tried everything I knew to do, including exhausting my Google-fu, and nothing. I couldn’t figure it out. It pissed me off then and it pisses me off now as I write this.

Once my shift ended, I was pissed off. I wanted something good to happen. My car was supposed to be fixed today. On Friday, the mechanic told me they needed to order a new part that wouldn’t come until today, Monday. But once it came, he said, it’ll take 30 minutes to install. It was a sensor, he said. They’re easy to install. Great, I thought. Lets go get my car back. I get there, and I was told the mechanic couldn’t get to my car today. He’ll get to it first thing tomorrow morning. Great, I thought. Just great.

So I go home and kick ass during Insanity. I missed sweating. I missed pushing myself to my limits and feeling exhausted afterwards. Hell, exhausted during the workouts. I earned my sleep tonight. I earned my steak dinner. Except… I wanted to season my steak with pepper. The bottle I had was running empty, so I went to open a brand new one. It was wrapped in plastic, so I tried taking the plastic off. Somehow the lid was open, so when I pulled the plastic down below it, the lid popped off and I emptied the bottle of peppercorns all over my floor. Fucking great. Just… great.

What a fucking day. And my back hurts, and I’m still angry. Great.