Mario Villalobos

Friendly Competition

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This morning, my phone reminded me that I was very lazy over holiday break.

iPhone screenshot of my health trends. I averaged 3190 steps over the last 5 days, down from an average of 6855 steps.

I averaged 3,190 steps over the previous five days, which is accurate. I spent my break living like a lazy person, and I enjoyed every second of it. But I knew that type of life wouldn’t last forever, so today I returned to work: I both clocked into my job, and I pulled out my workout mat and burned some calories.

I’m understating it when I say I’m tired. My resting heart rate for the past hour has been in the 70s, up from a yearly average of 49bpm. After my workout, I texted my friend, “🤮🤮🤮.”

She replied by challenging me to a 7-day competition on our Apple Watches.

iPhone screenshot of the competitions page in the Activity app. The competition doesn't start until tomorrow. Currently, my friend and I stand at 0 points.

“Friendly competition,” she said.

Game on.