Mario Villalobos

One Thing at a Time

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We’re three weeks into the new year, and I needed to write this reminder to myself:

I have to take things one thing at a time. I can’t overload my days with tasks and projects in an effort to “maximize” my time as “efficiently” as possible. I’m not a robot. I have and will continue to burn out if I keep trying to accomplish everything.

Go slow. Go with the flow. Breathe. Pay attention and be mindful of the world in front of me. This is all we get. This is all we have. Enjoy it and don’t try to speed through everything. I won’t read every book or listen to every piece of music or watch every movie and TV show. It’s okay. Enjoy what I have. Savor it. Because one day this will all end and on that day, how will you have felt about how you lived your life?

Proud, I hope. And well-lived, too.