Mario Villalobos

All the Music I Bought on Bandcamp Friday

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The album that reminded me it was Bandcamp Friday. I have not listened to this yet, but who doesn’t love Death Cab for Cutie?

Edit: Oops, I didn’t realize the album would only be available on Friday.

I love the vibes of this album. Also, I’m completely in love with Light in the Attic Records. Their releases of Hiroshi Yoshimura’s GREEN and Music for Nine Post Cards changed my life. Highly Recommended.

I listened to this record for the first time earlier this week after reading through Pitchfork’s review of Patience by Mannequin Pussy, and oh my god did this album just punch me in the face with its ridiculous awesomeness. Such a good record.

I think I discovered haircuts for men by tag hopping through Bandcamp one lonely night, and I’m glad I did because I’m now a lifelong fan. His music is just cool, a soundtrack to a life I wish I lived.

I think I also discovered Doon Kanda by tag hopping through Bandcamp one night, and I’m forever grateful I did. Like one reviewer says about his music: “This is the music that comes on when you’re about to get stabbed in the back at an abandoned amusement park.” Couldn’t agree more.

I’m a big fan of synthwave, outerwave, and music that leans heavily on 80s nostalgia, so the Motion Epic was a no brain purchase for me. I was binging through their first two albums when I grew curious to see if they had anything new out. They’re selling this album of remixes for just a $1, so this was an obvious choice. So good.