Mario Villalobos

I’m on my final two weeks of my Apple Fitness+ trial, and here’s my upcoming schedule:

Day Workout
Monday Strength
Tuesday HIIT
Wednesday Yoga
Thursday Strength
Friday HIIT
Saturday Rest
Sunday Rest

I’m using 25lbs dumbbells for the strength workouts, which for some workouts has been at the limit of my strength. I keep a pair of 20s close by, just in case. I haven’t done a HIIT in a couple of weeks because I’ve been focusing on Strength, so returning to it should be interesting.

So far, I really like Apple Fitness+. My conundrum is that I have a year’s subscription to Beachbody On Demand that doesn’t expire until October. I do like it, and I know the next one or two workouts I want to do in BOD once my Fitness+ trial is over, but that won’t take me into October. I want to subscribe to Fitness+ but my “responsible” self is telling me to wait. So for now, I’ll wait.