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I love my very simple homescreen setup. Ember and Messages are the only apps that notify me. I need to know when my coffee is at optimal temperature!

When to Say Yes

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I’m thinking through some things—questioning habits, rethinking workflows, expanding my thought domain—and I remembered I had this note that I used to use a lot before the coronavirus was a thing.

My productivity system is a single text file that I write in every day. I would like to write an article one day on it. I’m also reading through Cal Newport’s A World Without Email, a book that exemplifies confirmation bias for me.

There’s this mindset among many people online that I like to call app lust. It means this desire to try out the next great app because people think it’ll be the answer to their problems but in reality just serves as a distraction that gives the person a hit of dopamine. Each new app satisfies this craving, and they’re always on the lookout for the next hit. I used to be this way, and I’ve learned that I’m happier when I rely less on technology and on apps.

Anyways, I’m still thinking through these thoughts, but here’s the list I used before the coronavirus and something I hope to use more of today:

  • Does it scare the hell out of me?
  • Will it take me out of my routine?
  • Will it help other people?
  • Will I make friends?
  • Will I grow from this experience?
  • Would I do this regardless of money?
  • Will I regret not doing it?