Mario Villalobos

  • Notes

Earlier today, as I was walking to the main office at school, I saw Zoe, a second grader, with a snow shovel. She was shoveling snow when I asked her, “What are you doing?”

Aubrey, another second grader, ran up to me, face full of excitement, and said, “We’re building a fort!”

I noticed that Aubrey had a brand new pair of glasses, her first. I said, “I love your glasses.”

She turned her head to the side so I could see the temples of her glasses. They had cute hearts on the side. “I like the cool design,” she said.

I showed her my glasses and said, “All mine say is Ray Ban.”

Aubrey pulls me down so she could see and then says, “That sounds like a band. You know what you should do?”


“You should get all the teachers together and have a rock concert in the gym.” She paused for a second and then says, “And you should invite Ray! He could play guitar.”

Ray is another second grader in her class, and I laugh pretty hard and say, “Does he know how to play guitar?”

“I don’t know,” she said. And then she ran away and went back to building her snow fort with Zoe.