Mario Villalobos

  • Notes

I’ve been sore every day for the past week, but the last few days have been more painful than normal. I’m on week two of T25: Beta, and on Saturday, I did my first Apple Fitness+ workout. It was a 20 minute HIIT workout with Bakari, then I did two mindful cooldowns with Jessica. Fitness+ is really slick and well-produced, and the trainers are very charismatic and personable. My Beachbody On Demand subscription doesn’t end until October, though, so I’ll enjoy my three month trial of Fitness+ and evaluate it later.

I set a weight loss goal of five pounds back in November, and since then I’ve only lost half a pound. That leads me to believe that my increased workout intensity isn’t enough; I have to focus on my diet and see what I need to change to lose the weight I want. This won’t be easy, but I love having clear goals and a plan to accomplish them. So let’s keep going.