Mario Villalobos


  • Journal

Earlier this week, I turned on Do Not Disturb on all of my devices and set my phone to silent. I wanted to live my life without my devices controlling my time, and at first, I failed. I kept checking them for new notifications anyways, but after a few days of trying to stop this habit, I began to notice the quiet. I listened more, and I slowed down. Over the last day, I’ve begun to check them more and more, which tells me that modifying my behavior will be tough. I’ve also slept in the past few days and have enjoyed the extra energy. How much better would life be if we all got more sleep and relied on our devices less?

Today I bought a new lens for my camera, and it should arrive sometime next week. I hope to continue expanding my walls and adventuring outside more, but changing a lifetime of habits is tough and will take time. I had a lot of fun last week, though, and I have to keep reminding myself of that. I hope this new lens will help with this.

America also celebrates her independence today, and I plan to stay inside and drink some beer. Just like our forefathers wanted.