Mario Villalobos


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One fear I want to overcome is the fear of carrying my mirrorless camera with me outside. I wanted to take a picture of the mountains near my home, but I didn’t when I came across a stranger. He minded his own business, but I felt shy. Why do I find the act of taking pictures nerve-wracking sometimes? It might be the attention. It might be that I’m projecting my own thoughts and emotions onto other people. I have to remind myself why I want to take pictures in the first place: because it’s fun.

Today, Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share to help artists impacted by the coronavirus. I spent almost $70 on new music today, and I couldn’t be happier. It’ll help me forget that we’re living through an apocalypse. I wish other people got the memo, though. Traffic yesterday was insane. Too many people from out of state are coming into Montana, and I’m worried that yesterday’s 67 new cases will be a drop in the bucket later in the summer.

At least Hamilton is now on Disney+.