Mario Villalobos


  • Journal

I poured wine into a wine glass last night, and I noticed how the light interacted with it, and I thought there was a grace to it, something worth remembering. As I’ve grown older, I’ve noticed how easy it has been for me to disregard things I’ve seen or experienced before. A flower is a flower, a sunset a sunset. But ever since I started journaling here, I’ve begun to slow down and notice the things I’ve been taking for granted. With my camera, I’ve been able to see things anew. Bees are no longer just bees, flowers are no longer just flowers. With my notebook, I’ve been paying attention to my thoughts more. Emotions and random ideas are no longer fleeting but worthy of writing down and examining closely.

I don’t know where I’m going or what will come from this, but if I can remember to slow down and open my eyes, then things will turn out okay.