Mario Villalobos

One Last Shopping Spree

Well, Amazon and Ugmonk were happily paid today by me. I have stuff coming next week!

I spent close to $600 on 12 items today, and it took months, maybe even a year, to build up my wish list, and today, it’s 12 items shorter. My purchases were a mixture of definite needs (a new frying pan, windshield wipers for my car, a snow broom), and needs (a $38 black leather mousepad, a small $200 SONOS speaker), and others were in between (a 2 TB hard drive, an Apple Wireless Mouse to replace my broken Apple Wireless Trackpad). I bought stuff for my kitchen, car, and home, and I’m excited. Unfortunately, this is just phase 1 for me. I’m building phase 2 as we speak, but I might not pull the trigger on it for a few months. It might or might not include a TV.

Today was slow, calm, and awesome. I spent most of this rainy day indoors, and began to re-watch season 7 of Doctor Who. Season 8 came out on Netflix not too long ago, but it had been so long since I watched Doctor Who that I wanted a refresher. I love this show so much. I’m so happy I pulled the trigger on it years ago when I saw it on Netflix because wow… it’s one of my comfort shows. That and probably Gilmore Girls. I don’t have many of them, and I rarely go back and re-watch past episodes or seasons of shows I’ve already watched, but Doctor Who is definitely one of them.

The one purchase I’m most excited for, and it definitely falls into the want category, is the $200 SONOS Play:1 speaker. I don’t know how many times I wanted to simply listen to music aloud while reading or writing or doing chores but couldn’t because all I had were the builtin speakers for my iPhone and Mac. Not good enough. So I’m entering the world that SONOS has created with its speakers, and I can’t wait. The other purchases I’m most excited for are the Apple Wireless Mouse with black leather mousepad.

Is it weird that I’m waxing rhapsodic over fucking products? Especially when I’m so close to the end? Considering how great the products I bought last year have treated me, I think the answer is that no, it’s not weird. I try to choose my products carefully. These have been on my wish list for a long time, and I’ve thought about them, and I cull my list all the time. I will use everything I bought, and that’s what I think makes my shopping sprees different from other people’s. Yes, maybe that’s arrogant, and if so, so be it.

I have two more entries after this one. I can finally reclaim my nights! I totally would have kept lying on my couch watching YouTube and Netflix if I didn’t have to write an entry on my blog. But my willpower will only have to last for a few more days. Then: BAM. Blog will be offline.