Mario Villalobos

Achievable but Unattained

One the things I should’ve started this week but haven’t is Insanity. The big reason why is that I want to drink after work, and I know I can’t workout well with a belly full of beer. That’s a horrible excuse, I realize, but at least it’s an honest excuse.

I have less than a week before my one year project ends, and I think the thing I’m going to do is export my site to WordPress and host my blog on my own. Squarespace made it super easy for me to get started, but at $96 a year, it’s just too expensive, especially when I can get my domain name for $12-13 a year. I’ll have to do all my own coding, though, but that might be better than what I have been doing. So many apps support WordPress that it could make things even easier, once I set everything up. But I’m just talking out loud right now, so things might and will change.

I’m finding myself using fewer and fewer apps in my day to day life, and it’s making me feel freer and happier. I’m barely using OmniFocus for my daily tasks, and instead, I’m using the default Notes app in Yosemite and iOS 8. I simply created a note, titled it Today, and have been writing down the few things I want to get done that day. If I don’t finish something or even start something, I’ll leave it in the note for tomorrow. Then tomorrow I go through it again, add anything I want to do, and work from that list. I also have one for work; in fact, I created the one for work first, and I just liked it so much that I adopted it to my daily workflow. Don’t know how well this will stick, but it’s something I’m experimenting with. My life, to be frank, isn’t that busy that I need something like OmniFocus to keep it in check. Most of the things I do are things I want to do because I know they’ll make me happy or better in some way and not because I have to.

Like this blog. I really don’t have to keep this blog updated. I didn’t really have to the past 358 days, but I did because I wanted to and I knew it would make me proud later. I’m sure 95% of what I wrote has been shit, but if I didn’t write that, that 5% would never have been written and I would have never learned from it.

I’m still using OmniFocus, though. It’s a repository for a me I think is achievable but so far unattained. The note in the Notes app is fluid and impermanent, which I like, but it doesn’t hold up for long term planning. And I’m always thinking in the longterm. Once this year is up in the next week, how will I spend the following year? That’s a question that has me excited and scared. It’s something else I have to succumb myself to. Grrrrrreat.