Mario Villalobos

Shit Rolls Downhill

T-Minus 3 more days.

It’s hard being the boss sometimes. You’re held responsible for everyone’s actions, and when shit goes wrong, you’re the one who’s blamed. Shit rolls downhill, and the overhead of my overhead was in charge of the western side of the fire, which is what we were working on, and if our ineptitude caused the fire to spread any farther, he would’ve been to blame. So of course I understand why he was hard on us, since we are ultimately the ones doing the work, but damn… it’s hard being the boss.

It’s especially hard when you have an inept fucking fuck of a worker who wanders off god knows where with his headphones in his ears and fucking trees torching below him. Thankfully, I was able to pawn him off to someone else, so that made my life a little easier.

Orders have been unclear and messy the past few days, and communication sucks up there. For many of us, we’ve been fighting fires for over 2 and a half weeks with one day off, and we’re all tired, beat up, and complacent. I know I am. I’m fucking tired. But I have 3 more days before I have to get back to work. I honestly can’t wait.