Mario Villalobos


I’m home.

We finished containing the Couture Fire today. Actually, we contained this fire on Thursday and have been milking this fire since then. We got off the hill early and waited at the staging area for hours. Half our crew watched Portlandia skits on YouTube. That was fun. It wasn’t until we drove back to the Division of Fire that shit went down.

While we waited to be demobilized, a thunderstorm rolled into with winds of over 40 MPH. We listened intently on the radio as report after report of lightning strikes hit the Rez all over the place. Instead of going home for good, we’re coming back tomorrow at 6 AM to see what fire we’ll be going to. So I’m at home and ready to go to bed. I’m actually in bed as I write this on my iPhone. Since I’m still firefighting, I’m going to post all of these once I’m officially off.

This is going to be fun.