Mario Villalobos


We did a whole lot of nothing today. We were supposed to grid the same area we did yesterday, and we did for a little bit, but then we took a break, which turned into a lunch break, which turned into a get off the mountain break because a thunderstorm rolled in above us and it was too dangerous for us to work. The whole fire there has been a downed power line right smack in the middle of the fire, and the power company has done nothing about it. Over the past week, the power pole holding the last piece of the line up is falling forward, and one bad fall could ignite that line and potentially spark a new fire.

But it looks like tomorrow will be our final day on this fire, unless something sparks tonight. There’s supposed to be high lightning activity tonight, so we’ll see. Another short entry but I am tired and it is late. Only 29 more days to go.