Mario Villalobos

Elk Fire

It’s been a long day.

I’m lying down in my tent out in the Bison Range on some pretty hard ground but comfortable enough for me to sleep on. The stridulating of the crickets provide the only sound and it’s so peaceful. I love camping. I love nature. I love today.

We were sent out on the little fire that broke out yesterday, which was awesome, but we had strong gusts of winds today โ€” upwards to 30 MPH โ€” which caused a tree to torch and then create spots all over the place. We all started running up the hill to where the spots were, and in my clumsiness, I fell and cut open my shin. I immediately got up and resumed my run up the hill again. We were able to contain the spots, fortunately and were ecstatic right after. Our adrenaline went down, as did our heart rates, and we have good stories to tell for years on end.

Unfortunately I’m exhausted, so that’s where I’ll stop today. I’ll write more about today later; it was quite memorable and fun.