Mario Villalobos

My Story

I’m taking the next two days off from work because the floors outside of my office are being redone, which means I can’t use my office until they’re done, which won’t be until Friday.

A few updates:

Insanity Max: 30 is still going strong. I finished Day 16 today. Tabata Strength. It was fun and hard and sweaty. I seem to be stuck around the 177 pound mark for the past few weeks, which I don’t like. On the bright side, my weight’s not going up.

I’m still cooking, even if I haven’t posted any pictures or anything about what I’m eating. To be honest, the meals I’ve made haven’t looked too pretty or anything. Maybe when I make something new, or when I make my next thing, I’ll take a picture of it and post it. I like the few pictures I took a few weeks ago of my food, so it’s just a matter of trying and doing it.

My Headspace meditation went well today, but I’m a bit disappointed that the sessions are only ten minutes, but then again, I’m not. I could definitely go for longer, but then I like that they’re short because it’s easier to stick with it. I’ll reconsider my options once the ten days are finished. Will I subscribe to Headspace at $95/year? Or will I simply use a timer and meditate on my own? Don’t know.

My car is having more issues. This morning, I stuck the key in the ignition and turned it, but nothing happened. All the lights on the dash flashed but they disappeared quickly. I turned off the ignition, tried again, and still nothing happened. So I turned the key to off again and just waited. While I did, my radio turned on. None of the lights were lit on the radio, but my radio was able to play music from my phone. It freaked me out. After this, I turned on the ignition again, held it for a few seconds, and the car finally started. The drive to work was a little scary but I was able to make it safely. I’m probably going to take it to the shop tomorrow (again) and have them diagnose the issues. I really want this fixed. I daydreamed on the drive to work that my car would stall or roll or turn off somehow and I would get into a crash and that would be the end of my story. It was morbid, but it was a valid fear. I’m in debt, but I don’t care: I want my car fixed if it means I’ll still be alive. Don’t want it to end just yet.

Other than the time spent at work and the half hour of so of playing games on my phone and reading the New Yorker in the morning, that was my day, in a nutshell. Windows 10 comes out tomorrow, and when I get back to work, I’m going to see if I can install it on my work laptop and dual boot it with Windows 8. Fun times.