Mario Villalobos

Proof of Life

Day 2 of my rebooted Insanity Max: 30 workout regiment is in the bag, and I feel good. I forgot how confident I feel after working out. I guess I only noticed it when I felt bad about myself these past few weeks, and I was able to compare that with how I’ve felt the past few days. It all starts with fitness for me. A good workout makes me happy and motivated enough to do more. I want to start writing again, even though I want to wait until late August at the soonest. I will be done with fire season by then, and I’ll be able to ensure a long streak of uninterrupted productivity for a good ten months or so. That should be enough time to rewrite my novel and hopefully apply to grad school. Shit… I need to work on my writing samples.

I’m having trouble with my car again. The damn power steering pump is acting up again, the same god damn issue that caused problems on my trip to and from California last December/January. I’m going to have to take it in this weekend to get it checked out. It doesn’t feel as bad as before, but I know the more I drive, the more it’s going to worsen. That’s more money I’m going to have to spend on my car. Jeesh. AND, to top that off, my packages didn’t come today because FedEx needed a signature from me, so they left me a note on my door, which I signed and will ensure my packages get delivered tomorrow. I was really expecting them today.

This also marks the second day since I’ve deactivated Facebook. I’m still finding myself compulsively checking my phone but quickly realizing I don’t have that outlet to waste time on, so I shut my phone off and get on with my day. This happened at least a dozen times today, but I’m quickly getting used to the fact that I don’t want Facebook in my life anymore. I just don’t. It’s a waste of time, and it causes more harm than good. I still have Twitter and Instagram, and that’s enough for me. Also, as I wrote about who knows when, I quit reading RSS feeds, and that habit to check my feeds on my phone has gone away, so I know it’s possible. Speaking of that, I replaced some of my sources to email newsletters, and their newsletters are better than the RSS feeds. Most of the sites send a newsletter once a week, while others send them a couple of times a week to daily. I feel like I’m learning more and reading more by doing this, and it feels like I have more time to devote to reading than before. So I know quitting RSS feeds has been super beneficial to me, so I know quitting Facebook will be, too. I’ve also bookmarked and visit those other sites that don’t have newsletters on a regular basis, so I guess I’m not entirely shutting down my compulsivelycheckingtoseewhatsnew tick. I did rediscover the pleasure of visiting websites and noticing their design and style more so than a generic and uniform style from whatever RSS app I used. So another win. Yay.

I don’t know what the point of this entry was other than to prove to my readers that I’m still alive. Still here, you guys.