Mario Villalobos


There he is! I’ve missed him.

I’m happy right now (I’m literally dancing in my seat right now to some Janelle Monae) because I performed my first Insanity workout in over a month, and I feel GREAT. I’m definitely going to be sore tomorrow, but it’ll be a good sore. I know I’ve praised health and fitness here before, but again, oh my god, I forgot how good it feels. I’ll say it: it’s orgasmic.

Okay, okay… seriously, it’s orgasmic.

I’m not back to my stuffed to the gills insanity of before, and I won’t even say that I’m back to some sort of a routine because I’m not. I did wake up this morning at 5 AM (I thought we were being bombed), made my coffee, and I did begin to read the New Yorker, but then I wanted to watch some TV so I watched some TV. I made breakfast, drank more coffee, and went to work. Came back from work, watched another episode of TV, worked out (!!!), showered, made dinner, ate dinner, watched more TV, read a little bit, played some Alto’s Adventure on my iPhone, and now I’m writing. It was a simple day. I hope to do a bit more reading tonight before watching yet another episode of TV (I’m watching the Americans and holy crap it’s good). Maybe tomorrow I’ll do more reading in the morning. Who knows.

I expect to receive two cookbooks and my food processor tomorrow. I don’t know why I thought I would immediately start cooking awesome Paleo foods tomorrow, but I did, and I feel silly. I will examine these books, though, ensure I buy all the ingredients and equipment I need, and then start cooking. I want to cook things I’ve never cooked before in ways I’ve never even thought possible. I want to develop this foundation as best as I can because I want to fall back on it when I don’t feel like working out on any given day. When I feel lazy, I don’t want to go full-lazy, just half-lazy. I still want to be healthy and feeling good. Is that too much to ask?

It’s raining right now, which is kind of ridiculous, but whatever. I kept hearing it was supposed to be an intense fire season this year, but they say that every year it seems. I’m honestly not too antsy to go out, not like I have been in years past, and that’s mostly because I don’t necessarily need the money. It’ll be awesome to pay off some debts and whatnot, but I’m not in want of money. But if I get called out, and I make a a grand here and a grand there, I won’t be complaining. At least I’ll feel good going into it.

God I feel good. I’m going to do this again tomorrow. Hell, I should do this every day. What was that? I did this for over 200 days straight? Shit, well… day 1 is in the bag. Only a shit ton more to go.