Mario Villalobos

Minimalism, Revisted

I went ahead and bought a food processor along with a couple of Paleo cookbooks. They should arrive on my front door by Tuesday. That should be good timing because I plan to reboot my workout regiment on Monday, and I hope to start fueling my body tasty and healthy meals. I’m going to try to be as serious about cooking as I’ve ever been with anything important in my life. If I need a tool or an ingredient, I’m going to acquire whatever I don’t have and not let anything stop me from cooking. I haven’t weighed myself since June 1st, over a month ago, and I’m afraid to step on the scale since June was very passive fitness-wise. I know, though, that the numbers won’t be too kind on me.

I’ve been in a very minimalistic mood today. I get like this when I need to focus and get more disciplined than I have been. I began by trying to delete as many unnecessary apps on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I like the streamlining process of doing this every now and then as it makes me focus on what I find most essential. I’m even going to try and use the default apps that come on all of these platforms instead of third-party alternatives, just to see if I even need any of these extra features or if a simpler alternative is just fine for my needs. One of those apps is replacing Vesper with the default Notes app. Vesper is iOS only, while the Notes app is available on iOS and the Mac, and that appeals to me more right now. I know the new Notes app in iOS 9 and El Capitan received massive updates that aren’t in the versions I’m using now, but it would be nice to go into these upgrades with momentum.

I guess this only applies to my digital world. In the physical world, I’m adding more stuff, but more stuff that will be beneficial and useful. Books and kitchen gadgets seem necessary. I still don’t have a TV… yet. My mind has been dwelling on moving for so long now that I think it’s going to happen, and today I even considered LA as a viable option. Yes, it’ll be more expensive, but if I find a good IT job there, maybe things won’t be so bad. But it’s LA and there are millions of people there, a good fraction of those looking for jobs in the IT field, so maybe that won’t be a viable option. I don’t know. If only things didn’t require so much money…

Oh, before I forget to mention, I’m fazing out all non-Paleo foods from my diet in an attempt to go full-on Paleo for the foreseeable future. I’ve been eating a lot of wheat this past month, and, although delicious, it has made me feel very bloated and soft. Time to go back to an all-natural and very physically active lifestyle. It’s time to settle down and focus.