Mario Villalobos

Fasting Crankiness

I fasted today because I’ve been feeling really unhealthy lately, and, in an act of completely openness and honesty, I didn’t want to wash my dishes from last night, which included my only plate and frying pan. I don’t eat cereal or anything else I don’t have to cook, so I decided to fast. It wasn’t a complete 24-hour fast, but it was close, about 21-22 hours. I had spaghetti and it was delicious. I used to fast all the time, but for the past year to year and a half, I stopped. I forgot how good it makes me feel, to fast. I don’t know how to explain it. I feel leaner, which sounds obvious, but it’s a feeling that makes me feel strong. And then when I have my first bite of food, that food tastes amazing, which I also missed about fasting. It was actually a great day to fast because of how busy I was at work. I’m practically done upgrading the Elementary school netbooks, and I learned a few good techniques for when I need to update the Middle School and High School netbooks this week and next.

One thing that’s bothering me about work are all the distractions. For example, yesterday the superintendent asked me to call one of the new teachers because he didn’t know how to switch users from the login screen in Windows 8. Do you guys know what I’m talking about? I had logged out, and when he tried to log in, my name was in the user name field and the page asked for my password. I didn’t cal him because he needed to figure it out on his own. There’s an arrow pointing to the left in the upper left of the screen, which is the universal symbol for going back. If he clicked on that, he would have gone back to the login page and been able to login. Sigh. Other types of distractions are teachers asking me to install apps, or especially when people call me to ask for trivial shit. For example, again, the superintendent asked me if anything was wrong with our domain. I said no and asked why. Apparently, two teachers weren’t able to log in to their computers. I checked it out and they were entering the wrong fucking password. I wanted to shoot myself right then and there. You just wasted 20 minutes of my day you stupid people. I thought teachers were supposed to be smart? Blimey.

I think I was cranky for not having any food today while at work. I was super cranky, but I had reason to be. I’m rebuilding the entire school infrastructure into something more modern and simply better than what it has ever been. This isn’t easy. This isn’t a walk in the park. I need my time and my focus devoted singularly to this one task. Leave me alone to do my work. The spaghetti was good and it made me happy.