Mario Villalobos

If It’s Broke, Fix It

Today marks the end of a pretty good week. I didn’t work out or write or do that much reading, but I still consider it a good week because I made some great progress at work. I finally went ahead and started upgrading all the Elementary school netbooks, and out of the 30 I tried, it looks — looks! — like only three of them failed. I won’t know until next week, but I’m optimistic. If this worked, then that means I can upgrade the 60 more netbooks next week and hopefully be done with the hard part. The desktops should be easy.

I started the seventh and final season of Gilmore Girls today on Netflix, and I’m so sad that this show will be ending soon. It’s so good and it inspired me to do some great things and learn about things I never knew to be interested in before. My list of things to learn has increased by a kazillion things since starting this show a few weeks ago. I’m glad I started watching this show because I really really liked it and it gave me dozens of hours of entertainment.

I have a packed weekend up ahead. I’m planning to go to Missoula tomorrow, buy some more books, hopefully exchange a lot of unwanted books into credit and buy more books, go shopping for new shirts, and maybe watch a movie in a proper theater. Then on Sunday I’m meeting my sister and her writer’s group at her place, and we’ll be hopefully reading the first chapter of my novel. I’m nervous but not nervous. (Great writer, right?) I’m used to writer’s groups, but it’s always nerve-wracking when it’s something new. We’ll see.

I’m really excited for this weekend. I love driving, I want to get to know Missoula more, and I need to get out of the house. Here’s to me trying to fix my life.