Mario Villalobos

Protechnology, Antiintellectualism

I wish I had more money. I want to buy a TV, a Playstation 4 to play all my DVDs, a soundbar and some Sonos speakers to play music out loud, a couch or a reading chair, and more stuff to hang on my walls. This will cost me at least a grand, and I just don’t have that kind of money right now. Well, I kind of do but it needs to go toward bills and debt. I want to make my place more exciting to live in and more inviting for others to visit. Oh, also a fan. It’s been so hot these last few days, and a fan would do me wonders. I’ve been in my underwear all day. It feels good not to wear pants. Off with pants!

I watched hours of Zadie Smith interviews on YouTube today while I deployed Windows 8 to a few netbooks at work. She’s brilliant, and she intimidates me. I think I like women who intimidate me. I just need to find the courage to approach them. Not Zadie Smith, obviously, but ladies like her. They’re beautiful and so interesting. I’m going back to the bookstore this weekend and stocking up on more Zadie Smith novels, as well as Joyce, Kafka, and a Nigerian writer named Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Zadie interviewed her and I really liked her. She was funny and smart and amazing.

What do you guys think of me simply dropping a grand to buy this shit I want? Except for the furniture. That can wait. The electronics, though… A TV with a good sound system is all I’m yearning for now. I have so much good music that needs to be played aloud and my laptop speakers just aren’t cutting it. And a TV to spend hours in front of instead of my MacBook seems like a great American pastime. I’ve been yearning for a couch since last year when I wrote about how I wanted to simply plop down on it after work with a good book and read for hours and hours. I spend way too much time in bed; I need (want?) someplace else to spend my time on. Hey, what about outside??

I’m simply thinking out loud here. None of this will probably happen, and I’m okay with that. There’s too much to do anyways than watch TV. Like read. I like reading. I hate intellectuals. I don’t like people who quote other people verbatim. How the hell do you have the time to memorize that? Have you ever met people who can regurgitate scenes from movies word for word? Why? Why do that? I’m too selfish to do that. I’m too concerned with my own thoughts and feelings to invade my mind with other people’s quotes and whatnot. Maybe that’s why I’m me.

I’m looking for a new workout regimen. Something I can do in the mornings, that doesn’t take too long, and can still give me a good workout. I’m looking for a “maintenance” type of regimen, which I know doesn’t really exist. I’m only planning to do this for a few months until the heat dies down and I’m eager to do something more intense later on. If anybody has any ideas, let me know!