Mario Villalobos

People Are People A.k.a. I’m Having Fun Today

I decided today should be one of those days where I let loose and have some fun and eat some food I usually don’t eat and drink wine and order pizza and eat ice cream and lie in bed all day watching TV. It’s been marvelous, and I don’t feel guilty or anything, but I might tomorrow when I feel bloated and fat and unhealthy. My Discover card last night increased my credit limit by over $2,000 because I’ve been such a great customer and I manage my credit very well that I almost spent over $400 on a new backpack and accessories. I still might, actually, because it’s for firefighting and fire season is almost here, and I don’t want to use my very crappy Walmart duffel bag this summer. Instead, I would like to have a quality bag with me, but of course this is all me trying to justify a very expensive bag. Why do I go toward expensive items? Because I love quality, and I don’t usually buy myself that much so I think I deserve something practical and cool like this. Don’t you think?

I’m watching Gilmore Girls and this show makes me wish I was a smarter teenager and that I had really smart people around me at all times. I know it’s a show and I know these lines are written by smart people and performed by talented actors, but damn, don’t I wish I could talk like them and have friends that talk like them. Life would be so much more fun and interesting. I’m really enjoying drinking wine and buying stuff — I just bought a Depeche Mode album because Depeche Mode — because I usually don’t allow myself to do stuff like this. It is becoming somewhat more regular, but maybe that’s a good thing? I had a great and productive week, and spending Saturdays like this might be my new routine. I need it. Also, it’s not like I’m struggling with money or anything. I have a good job, and I’m responsible with all my bills, and I don’t have a TV or video game consoles and I don’t buy any extravagant clothes or go out to eat every day or anything irresponsible like that. Every now and then I buy music and apps and I buy more food than I should, but it’s fun! Right?

i have lists of things I want to buy, and if I bought everything on there (minus the books), would I be happy? Would I not add anything more to it? I don’t know. That’s a good question, right? Would this cycle ever end? So it’s good that I splurge every now and then, but I also shouldn’t buy everything I want at the moment I want them. That’s just silly. But I’m listening to this Depeche Mode album — Some Great Reward — and it’s sooooo good and I’m enjoying my purchasing decision. People are people so why should it be/You and I should get along so awfully?

Also, I emailed her because I missed her today, but I’m 99.9% confident she’ll never email me back. So that’s where I’m at tonight.