Mario Villalobos

Thank You, Pinot Noir

Montana is wearing me down. I didn’t show my drama class my movies from college because I was stupid enough to ask them if they wanted to watch them. They, of course, didn’t, like the fucking useless pieces of shit they are. I’m sorry, I’m a little bit buzzed right now. I bought two different bottles of Pinot Noir because I’m going to start cataloguing all the different brands I can find and write notes about the ones I like the most. I don’t want to include their price because of this video. But wine, especially Pinot Noir, gets me super buzzed super quickly, and my filter is taking a break right now, and I just want to get all of my feeeeeeeelings out of my system.

Kids fucking suck. High school students who would rather not do anything than something fucking suck. The whole fucking town this school is located is too small. The whole state of Montana is too small. I don’t like how everyone knows each other. I thought I would like that, shit, I did like that when I first moved up here, but now, after living here for a few years now, I don’t like it. I like my privacy and my anonymity. It’s crazy how some teachers have seen some of these high schools grow up since the time they were kindergarteners. That’s insane. And sad, in a sense. These kids only know one school and one small town an the same fucking people. There’s a huge world out there.

I need to travel more. I need to get the hell out of this school, this town, this damn state. I miss California, but I want to go East. I don’t know. I am buzzed right now. I have no filter. I might regret all of this later. Who cares, right? This entry might be educational. We all might fucking learn something about me. I was soooo ready to show them my movies from college. I really wanted to show them, but they wanted to go outside and enjoy their last Friday of the school year. I told them no, and they became these stupid little snotty bitches because of it. I tried to tell them what YouTube videos they wanted to watch, and we watched some fucking stupid videos of some guys making trick shots. This is the shit they want to watch? What the fuck? That was stupid. So I showed them this videomy best friend Will wrote, and they didn’t like it. That pissed me the fuck off. We screened their films yesterday, and if I’m honest, they all sucked, and they’re telling me they didn’t like that video? Fuck them. Fuck them all to hell.

I miss film school and college and all my friends. I miss being around people with taste and a great work ethic. I miss people who would rather create something than consume like fucking leeches. And I fucking miss people my own damn age. Hanging around kids all the time has driven me fucking insane. Sorry if there are any typos or grammatical errors. If there are, please email fuckoff at Thank you.