Mario Villalobos


All I needed was a change in attitude. I’m doing many of the same things as I did during the days leading up to my burn out, but I feel more relaxed. I think a big reason for that is that I’m finished with my novel, but even though I haven’t written anything new since finishing it on Monday, I’m still working on it. My morning routine is the same, I’m still working out and reading in the afternoons, and these entries are still getting written. Yet I feel more relaxed. It’s awesome and I don’t want to ruin it, but I’m always curious as to why I feel certain ways in an effort to better understand myself. I doubt I’ll be successful tonight, but for lack of anything else to write, lets see what I can come up with.

I’m letting myself have more fun than in the past. Mostly that just means watching more TV. I’m watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and I’m in love with everything about this show, especially Lauren Graham, the lead actress, and the incredible writing. It’s so good. I like coming home from work, lying in bed, and hitting play on something to watch. It’s a great way to unwind, and I didn’t realize how much I needed it. It was nice to spend that time writing since I was able to finish my novel two months ahead of schedule, but man, at what cost? So I like this time for myself after spending eight hours at work, especially since I have to work out right after. So TV has been great. What else?

One thing I’ve mentioned before is my revamped OmniFocus perspectives. My Today list, which is my main list and the one I live off of every day, has been simplified. Simply seeing fewer tasks on this list has made me feel freer and less burdened to do more. It’s great feeling this way, and I really believe this has affected my mood more than I would have thought. Of course, I have a new list called Next where I have some of those tasks that used to be in my Today perspective, plus a helluva lot more, but this list doesn’t hold much, if any, mental weight. It’s actually great seeing everything that’s still “open” in one place. I have been going through it, reading my tasks, and choosing one or two to do each day, and it’s nice. I’m choosing to do these rather than having to do them, and that difference is everything. My Today list has things I must do because those are the things that are most important to me and adhere to my principles. The other stuff would be great to do and make me happy if they’re done, but they’re not essential and there isn’t a time limit on any of them.

Having fun and reducing my daily burden has helped me be happier and still get stuff done. I don’t know how long this will last — nothing lasts forever, unfortunately — but for now, I’m happy and that’s my main focus right now.