Mario Villalobos

The Most Interesting Man

Be prepared, everyone: You are about to read the greatest thing ever written by man on the internet, hell, on anything. This entry will be so great that your mind will simply be blown and all you want to do is read more of my shit because I’m like a drug, the best and most addicting drug you’ve ever had in your life. Your life that is mediocre compared to mine because oh my god I’m the most interesting man who has ever lived. The Dos Equis guy has nothing on me. Rip Hunter came from the fucking future just to tell me how legendary I am for all the future children of earth. I single-handedly saved the world from invading aliens while also curing fucking cancer. Mankind has a future because of me. I brought down governments with just my smile and we all live happily ever after.

Is that something we should aspire to? To be great? It’s all about attitude. How you view the world determines how you live it, how you conquer what life has to offer, what the universe decides to throw at you at any given day. We don’t always feel like this, at least I don’t. But we’ve all had days where we do, and we should all try to remember those feelings — that attitude — and try as best we can to manifest it during those days when we don’t feel that way, when we feel low and sad and unmotivated to live life outside of a self-created bubble of doubt and pity.

I’m definitely more keen to live this way because of how crappy my life has been the past few weeks. Shit went to hell, and I had to figure out if what I wanted was really what I wanted. I’m not a fucking robot, but I tried to live like one. Same monotonous routines at the same time every day like clockwork. And it worked. It worked for eight months. Then I realized I was human and I couldn’t possibly live like that forever. No one can. So I drank a lot and played a lot of video games and I simplified my days to just three big rocks, but lets be real, most days I just did the one big rock: these blog entries. A broken streak doesn’t mean a broken life. It just means I was human.

I know I’m not anything like I wrote about in the first paragraph. How cool would it be if I defeated invading aliens? But I know exactly how that attitude makes me feel, and I felt that today, and I loved it. I got back on my horse today and returned to my big rocks, and it felt good crossing those tasks off my todo list.

Life should be fun and should be lived in the present. If what you’re doing isn’t fun, even if it’s productive, don’t do it. Try to do things that are both fun and productive. That’s when you know you got something special. But take a break every now and then. Be human. Relax. Drink. Get out. These are all things I need to do more of, but when I do, man, it makes me feel like the most interesting man in the world and that’s how we should all feel all the time.