Mario Villalobos

A Very Sunny Day

I never realized how much I missed beautifully sunny days until I moved up to Montana. Today was beautiful. It was sunny, it hovered over 50° F, and with the extra hour nowadays, I had the opportunity to enjoy it even more. I hope this means our winter is coming to an end because I’m getting a bit tired of it. Hell, a few weeks ago I almost crashed my car because of the ice on the road, and I did not appreciate that one bit. I was able to walk around campus at work without my sweater on, and the sun finally hit skin that hadn’t seen it in months. And then I got home and had to start the Asylum workouts.

I forgot how intense these workouts. I had to pull out my agility ladder, jump rope, fingerless gloves, and pull-up bar. I had to perform nine baseline workouts as part of the Athletic Performance Assessment, and compared to my times from the end of October, I improved on almost all of these workouts, and in some cases, by a considerable margin. I’ve said this many times, but I love saying it: I’m in the best shape of my life, and I love proving it. I thought I was in great shape back in October; I’m in even better shape now. Who knows what the hell is going to happen in 60 days, which is how long these next stretch is going to last. I also forgot how much longer these workouts are going to be. I’m running late tonight because everything was pushed up so I could accommodate today’s workout. That’s something I was afraid of yesterday, and today I saw it happen with my own eyes. Live and learn.

Apple also had an event today. I definitely did not watch it at work with my noise-canceling headphones and the lights to my office turned off and a big stupid grin on my face when everything was being unveiled.1 The new MacBook looks interesting, and the entire idea of a single port intrigues me and excites me with the whole minimalism thing, but I love my MacBook Air. My AppleCare for this machine doesn’t expire until next year, and that’ll be when I’ll start thinking about getting a new machine. What I am thinking about getting is the Apple Watch. I didn’t think I’d want one when it was revealed last September, but over the past few weeks, I’ve been seriously considering one. I was waiting for the prices — like everyone else — and now we know that the sport one will cost $349-399, and the regular one will range from $549 to over a thousand, depending on the band. That’s expensive. I mostly want it for the health and fitness aspects of it, naturally, but the sport model doesn’t seem like something I want to wear all the time, especially not the 18 hours it purported to last without a charge. I want to wait until the reviews come out before I even consider budgeting for this. The one thing that gets me is that in a few years it’ll become obsolete and I’ll have to spend another $400 to whatever to get a new one. Damn capitalism.

This entry was very representative of my day. My routine has never been any more rock solid, my job has never been any more fun, and my life has never been this productive and exciting. I’m past the halfway point, and all I want to do is more. More writing, more habits, more projects, more fitness, more more more. I’m not getting burnt out over this attitude, and that’s new to me. I love all I’m doing, so maybe that explains that. And I try not to push myself too hard. All in all, I had a good, very sunny, very productive day.

  1. All lies of course. ↩︎