Mario Villalobos

Capital F Fun

Regular readers1 will have noticed my not very hidden depressed mood these past few entries. Simply, I’ve been down. There was no external event that caused me to feel this way; I was just sad. I honestly don’t think I still suffer from depression, but this randomness is a common symptom of it. Actually, part of me thinks there is a reason for my sadness, but I’m not being introspective enough to really pinpoint the cause. It could be that I was lonely or tired of my routine or in need of a new routine or the food I did or didn’t eat or a combination of some or none of these. All I have to say is that fuck all of that. Life is too short for me to feel sad for no reason.

My moods are so fucking fickle, though. I had a great day, but it wasn’t that different from the past few days. I had a typical day at work, I had a great workout, had dinner, read, and watched some TV. The only thing different from today from most other days was that I made that girl I have a tiny crush on laugh, and it was amazing. But I truthfully don’t think that had anything to do with it because it happened early in the morning and my day was too busy to think about that later.

One thing I’m being a bit more active than before is with my food. I’m adding many recipes from the cookbooks that came with the various Insanity programs into my recipe app of choice, Paprika. Many of these recipes are very simple to make, cheap, and very nutritious. I bought some groceries these past few days that will help me make something new to eat, and that has me excited. I actually created a brand spanking new dessert that no one has ever tried and is super delicious and everyone will love me now for sharing this for free to you guys: grab a banana, grab a spoon, slather almond butter all over that banana, then drizzle some honey over all of it. Then eat it. It’s good. So so good. Oh my god it’s delicious. Tomorrow I’m going to add half an avocado to my protein shake and see what that tastes like. I may also make pancakes with my Primal Fuel, which sounds amazing, sometime this weekend. I might take pictures if they turn out pretty. Who cares if it tastes good, as long as it’s pretty, amirite?2

Hey guys, guess what? You know what happens next Saturday, the 7th of March? I finish Insanity Max: 30. Crazy, right? But you know what happens after that? Another 60 days of Insanity, this time a hybrid between the Asylum volume 1 and volume 2. That’s going to fun. Remember those 200+ days of Insanity I was bragging about way back when? Well shit’s getting done, you guys. Other than that week I missed because I was sick and literally couldn’t move, I’ve been working my ass off since September. Maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling down.

I haven’t given myself a god damn mother fucking break! Other than the time I drove down to San Diego and back and returned with a whole new home and all my books and other stuff and memories and credit card debt I’m still paying off. Yeah… I need to have some Fun. Capital F fun. Anyone wanna be my friend and do something with me?



  2. This whole paragraph is riddled with sarcasm. I think I’m losing my mind. Do people actually read these footnotes? I just like how they look on my blog. Bigfoot.js FTW. ↩︎