Mario Villalobos

Back to Work

Wake up. Start boiling water. Brush my teeth. Shave. Put dishes away. Prepare my Aeropress. Brew coffee. Sit down by my desk. Start writing my novel. Drink my coffee. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Bake bacon. Tell Siri to start timer for 15 minutes. Take vitamins. Plan my day in OmniFocus. Write down three big things to do today in pocket notebook. Study Anki flashcards. Cook breakfast. Eat breakfast. Wash dishes. Transcribe the Great Gatsby. Meditate. Dress for work. Start car. Make bed. Go to work. Listen to podcasts. Clock in.

Fix issues with one of our servers. Make coffee once I do. Walk to my office. Setup MacBook Air with power supply, lightning cable, and headphones. Check out another one of our servers. Research why an adapter can’t access the network. Try a few things. Fail. Walk to High School and try to diagnose why a printer won’t connect to the internet. Try a few things. Fail. Get stopped by the librarian. One of her printers disappeared from the network. She writes down a note about which one that is. Go back to my office. Install printer on server. Update the Printers Group Policy. Target it to just affect all the library computers. Try a few more things on problematic network adapter. Fixed it. Write down process and solution in notebook. Did it fix the printer that couldn’t connect to the internet? Investigate. No, it didn’t. Get an email from counselor. Her printer is printing pages with black streaks all over them. Walk to her room. Take printer apart. Clean it. Test it out. It works. Go talk to the elementary special ed teacher. Teach her how to print confidential documents. Rearrange her room to take a problematic PC back to my office. Try to help her with her spam in Gmail. Succeed. Walk back to the High School building. Make coffee. Walk back to office with PC in one hand, coffee in the other. It’s noon. I’m tired. Get back to my office. Research problematic printer some more. Can’t find anything. I quit. Watch some videos on YouTube. Read a little bit on my iPad. Get a call about an Infinite Campus issue. Investigate issue, but can’t figure out the problem. Will wait for tomorrow to investigate some more. Pack up my things. Clock out. Start car. Drive home. Listen to podcasts.

Two packages arrive. Primal Fuel. Death Over Decaf shirt. Grab blender. Pour coconut milk in it. Two scoops Primal Fuel. Two bananas. Strawberries. Blueberries. Raspberries. Scoop of almond butter. Blend. Put dishes away. Turn on burner. Turn off blender. Pour shake into two cups. Pop popcorn. Lie in bed. Watch the Walking Dead. Eat popcorn. Drink shakes. Take shirts off. Take pants off. Put workout shorts on. Play Max Out Cardio. Work out. Sweat. Sweat. Sweat. Drink lots of water. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Peel sweet potato. Cut sweet potato. Place inside oven. Tell Siri to start timer for 35 minutes. Shower. Dress. Plug in Foreman grill. Season steak. Cook steak. Wash dishes. Listen to podcasts. Watch the Good Wife. Timer goes off. Plate steak and sweet potatoes. Eat dinner. Finish the Good Wife. Read A Farewell to Arms. Open Good Habits and check off every habit I accomplished today. Clear my tasks from OmniFocus. Write three things I’m grateful for in Day One. Play some Arcade Fire. Start writing blog entry. Publish entry. Go to sleep.

Rinse. Repeat.