Mario Villalobos

Shit Works! Sorta

I was able to fix a lot of the issues from the past few days today. Everyone has internet if they’re hard wired into our network. The wireless is still not working, which means I’m back to where I was Monday morning. That’s better than nothing, I guess. What fixed this problem was a bad ethernet port. At least, that’s what I think since all I did was move one ethernet cable to another port on our main host machine. Everything just started working on this machine, and I was able to get one of our two DNS servers working. Our secondary domain controller can finally talk to our primary one, but not the other way around. This was an issue I noticed on Tuesday, but the reverse: Our secondary domain controller couldn’t talk to our primary one, and it was this primary controller that was having connectivity issues. Now it’s our secondary one having issues. I haven’t been able to figure that out yet.

The network engineers who setup these servers back in 2013 are coming up on Monday to take a look at this mess. I tried talking to one of them over the phone and see if she could walk me through it, but she couldn’t. In fact, it didn’t even seem like she wanted to try. It was probably that and the fact that my problems were messy. Either way, relief should be coming Monday afternoon. I’m hesitant to let them come up because of how expensive they are, and because I know I can figure this out on my own. I’m planning to drop in for a few hours this weekend to try out a few more things, but I’m not very hopeful. Who knows, right? I wasn’t very hopeful when I switched ethernet ports, but it worked. Very strange indeed.

Besides all that, this week is finally over. I do have to say, it went by super fast, and because it went by so quickly, it seems like nothing happened this week in my life. I started a new book, I returned to Insanity and that totally helped with my stress and sanity, and I kept my self-control. There were a few days earlier this week where I totally could’ve convinced myself to buy some wine and buy some junk food and just indulge in all my worst impulses. I really wanted to do that, but I didn’t. I kept my cool. I kept chipping away at the problems at school, and I got some stuff working again today. I have some ideas that may get the wireless up and running again, but I don’t know until I try them. Things seem better now, and that’s awesome. I’ve learned a lot. Hell, I got a pretty quick education on how networking works. Everything from DNS to DHCP to RADIUS servers to so many other things. I know how everything is connected to everything else, and I know what tools to use to trouble shoot specific problems, and I feel more confident that I can do my job better than ever before. Of course shit still don’t work, but it will soon.

I hope.