Mario Villalobos

It Was a Good Day

A few days ago, I woke up to three e-mails from iTunes. My bestest of best friends sent me three iTunes gift cards, and with each one, she sent me a great congratulatory message. One for the raise I earned earlier this week, another for committing myself to blogging my ass off on a daily basis, and the last for spending over 100 days without speaking to her. She told me to buy some tunes for when I blog, and I did just that. So far, I’ve bought only two albums, but they’re great ones. I’m listening to the 10th anniversary edition of Death Cab for Cutie’s Transatlanticism, and the other album was Modest Mouse’s This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About. Both are great albums, and I have enough money for another one. Not sure what that’ll be, but I’m excited. I’m so grateful for having her in my life, and she knows I love her, but none of you guys do, so: I love her. She’s awesome.

I mention this because this act of great kindness made me feel real good, and that blended into my current streak of feeling good, which resulted in today, where I felt great. Part of it was the fact Insanity is beginning to show its results, and I’m looking good. I could definitely notice some extra attention from people of the opposite sex, and I know that I may have been projecting or something, but that whole thought made me feel confident. I didn’t change my walk or my aura or whatever, but it did make my smile come easier, and I could definitely notice how much a smile can change the whole tone to my day. It was a great day, and I smiled a lot, and because of all this, I accomplished a lot. I finally — finally — fixed an issue with one of our servers that was causing some terrible lag to some computers on our network. It’s now faster than ever, and that makes me feel amazing. It’s also almost Christmas time, so any potentially important projects have been pushed to next year, giving me time to focus on some of the little things.

I leave for San Diego in a little over a week. I’ll be driving there with my SUV, and the more I look at the route — Salt Lake City! Las Vegas! San Diego! — the more excited I’m getting. I have many worries, though. Can my car handle it? I worry I may have car trouble somewhere, and that’s something I don’t want. What will I eat? I don’t want to eat junk food on this trip, so I’ve been thinking about preparing and packing my own meals, but I feel like I should let loose and give in to some fast food. I’m debating whether to get energy drinks or try to stick to coffee as much as possible. Where will I sleep? I was thinking of stopping at a motel or something on the way, but the trip, at least according to Google Maps, will take between 18-19 hours. I think I can drive straight through. Obviously I won’t know until I’m actually out there, but that’s something I’ll try to do. Other than all that? Did I mention I was excited?

And that’s kind of my entry today. It was just a good day, and I want to leave it at that. Good night, everyone.