Mario Villalobos

A New Month

I had fun working out today. I started the new volume of the Asylum, and man, what a workout. It was so much fun and so challenging and it finally feels like I’m taking advantage of the agility ladder that came with the first volume of the Asylum. Some of the moves I have to do on the ladder are insane. I kept hitting the ladder because I couldn’t keep my eyes on the screen and the ladder at the same time, but once I got a handle on it, I was able to focus and work my body out properly. I’m going to enjoy this new workout because for one, they’re shorter. I won’t be doing double the work on a daily basis like I did last month, and two, every Sunday is rest day or stretch day, my choice. I’m looking forward to that, to resting on a regular basis. This four day break was essential since I feel great. The only body part still sore is my right ankle, and with all the hops and jumps and fast feet I did today, it might take a bit longer to heal. But that’s okay because I feel great.

It’s a new month, and for some reason, I always love these days. They’re kind of like a reset day, a day to shake off the last month and look ahead at the new one with fresh eyes. A month to do what needs to be done to advance toward becoming the person we all know we can be. A month to get rid of the bad habits and implement new and better ones. A month to simply take advantage of. So far, my day was pretty identical to my days from last month with two exceptions: I’m focusing on finally finishing transcribing the Great Gatsby by hand. I have less than 30 pages to go, which isn’t saying much since I started this project late last year. The second one is finally spending each night writing about the three things I’m most grateful for that happened to me today. I decided to use my previous journaling app Day One because it’s ubiquitous. It’s on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and it’s easier to type it out because then right after I start writing my blog entry. They go together nicely, and if we know anything about habits it’s that they work best if they’re paired with an already established routine. So every time I’m ready to start writing my blog entry, I open Day One and quickly write the three things I’m most grateful for then start writing my blog entry. It’s only day 1 of that, so lets hope this habit actually sticks.

Winter seems to finally be here for real now. Snow’s been falling for the past few days, making some of the roads to work a bit slick and dangerous to drive on. I’m glad I bought my SUV because she seems to handle these roads like a champ, and I feel safer driving. And I kind of like the cold. I like the whiteness of the snow and the fact that when I work out, with my shirt off and all the sweat that drips onto the floor, I steam. Steam literally emanates from my body, and that’s quite the sight. It’s cold on the outside, but I’m so hot on the inside. There’s something about that contrast that entertains me. It makes me feel good, and I like feeling good.