Mario Villalobos

Over 200 Days of Insanity

Something I didn’t realize until today was that 48 days ago, I committed myself to 150 days of Insanity. I began by doing the 30 day Insanity: the Asylum Volume 1 workout program. I followed it up with another 30 day program, but this time it was an Insanity/Insanity: the Asylum Volume 1 hybrid workout, which I’m currently going through. Then I’m doing the second volume of the Asylum program, which is an additional 30 days. After that, I’ll be doing the new Insanity: Max 30 program which is purported to be 60 days. That was the original plan. Before I bought the second volume of the Asylum, I read that it’ll include a 60 day Volume 1/Volume 2 hybrid workout, and I’m really tempted to do that after completing Max 30. That’ll mean a total of 210 days. Who knows, maybe there’s a Max 30/Insanity/Insanity: the Asylum hybrid workout in the new Insanity somewhere. That’ll be INSANE1.

I really feel stronger. It’s really tough to explain. Think about how you walk right now, the whole process of standing up and moving each leg forward, one step at a time. Imagine that whole process improving: your posture improving because the muscles in your lower back are stronger, as are your butt and thighs, and because your upper back and shoulders just feel stronger, it’s easier to pull your shoulders back when you walk. There’s a springiness to your step because all your muscles are working better together. I’ve noticed that my reflexes are faster, and that my mood is so much more positive. I’m always smiling and things that use to get to me โ€” remember her? โ€” don’t get to me anymore. That’s another sense of how I feel stronger: my emotions and moods feel under control. Not only that, my motivation to keep going is stronger than ever. It’s easier to wake up every morning at 5, even after only 7 hours or less of sleep, to start writing my novel. Problems at work feel like opportunities to learn something new rather than burdens that irritate and slow down my day. I’m excited every time I start a new Shaun T workout video because I know I’m going to “make my body feel good.”2 And I’m 72 days into this personal blog project, and I see no reason to slow down.

Everything begins with the body. I really believe that now. Taking care of yourself first helps with every other facet of your life. With these other facets strengthened, it’s easier to start doing the things that you love, especially those things that take a lot work and commitment. For me, that’s writing. I noticed before how I didn’t write when I didn’t take care of myself. It usually took a really low moment to happen in my life before I felt compelled to pick up that sometime metaphorical pen and start writing. This usually proceeded after I started working out. There’s something about sweating profusely that makes me happy and motivates me to start working.

I’m excited. What was once a promise to do 120 days of Insanity has turned into at least 180 days. If I add the first 30 days I did back in October, that’ll be over 200 days of Insanity. That’s a promise I’m making here, and that’s one I know will reward me later if I do the work. I know I can. Hell, I know I will.

  1. I’m here for 293 more days! ↩︎

  2. That’s something he always says. I love it. ↩︎