Mario Villalobos

Being at My Best All the Time

I finished Day 30 of the Insanity: the Asylum program today. The video is titled Athletic Performance Assessment, and I didn’t do it before I began this program this month. Therefore, I had to compare the reps I performed today to last December, which was the last time I performed this assessment. Out of the nine exercises, I stayed the same or improved on eight of them. On the one exercise I didn’t improve, I was about 75% away from completing another rep to match my last score.1 All in all, I’m very happy with how I performed today considering I weigh over ten pounds from what I weighed last December. I will take tomorrow off to rest, and then the real work will begin on Saturday when I start the hybrid workout.

Last year when I finished the Asylum program, I felt amazing. I completed the best and hardest workout I’ve ever done, and not only did I feel the best I’ve ever had in my life, I looked my best, too. After completing the program once more, I have to say all those same feelings are back, but this time, I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt. The athletic performance assessment proved to me that I am stronger. I’m carrying ten more pounds, yet I performed pretty much the same across the board. I can feel and see the changes all over my body. My arms, my back, my chest, my abs, and my legs all feel stronger. And this was just a warmup. Again, the real work begins Saturday. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I begin a 120+ day Insanity marathon on Saturday. That’s a full one third of a year, not including the thirty I just completed.

To be my best, I have to be at my best all the time. My daily routine must be to be better than the day before. I have to keep pushing myself and reach heights I’ve never thought possible. If I don’t, then I’m just coasting. I don’t want that. I don’t want to just drift through life and wake up one day on my death bed and regret not living. I want to know what I’m capable of, and I want to know that I can push myself past that.

This isn’t easy to do, but it’s the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done in my life. That’s the only thing that’s motivating me to keep doing this. That and that it’s so much fun. From working out to writing to working with computers and getting paid for it to writing some more, I’m having the best time of my life right now. Winter’s coming, but I have this fire in my belly that will keep me warm for a long, long time.

Remember when I used to write about some girl? Those were the days.

  1. The exercise was Moving Push-Ups, and last December I did 4 of them. Today I did 3.25. ↩︎