Mario Villalobos

Get Some Sleep

I woke up at 2 am to my upstairs neighbors fighting, and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I opened up the YouTube app on my iPhone and searched to see if there were any Doug episodes since I didn’t like lying in bed knowing I couldn’t sleep. And there was! I watched one, Doug’s in the Money, and I wanted to cry after because I missed this show. It’s been over a decade since I last watched an episode of Doug, and it seems like I learned a lot about life from that show. I feel kind of ridiculous after writing that, but there’s a truth there that I really believe in.

Work was hectic. The server crashed on Friday, and that’s just been causing me so many issues. Since I only slept for four hours, I was cranky all day and didn’t want to do anything. Every little issue that popped up because of this server hit me personally, and even though I kept my stoic appearance in check (haha), I was irritated inside. Why wouldn’t anything work? Why wasn’t any of this easier? Why did my predecessors not do things better?

Needless to say, I struggled to do much of anything today, but alas, I did. I worked out, finishing Day 21 of the Asylum program. Tomorrow is Rest Day, which makes me feel amazing. I started to read a bit from my book, but I felt so tired that I didn’t get past a few pages. I’m giving myself a pass on this tonight. But just tonight. I wrote my daily words this morning, and I meditated. Again, those are my big rocks, and I barely did them all.

I wonder how all this will look like a few months from now. Will my big rocks now still be my big rocks then? I think they will. I’m curious to see what else I can fit into my days. I wonder what else I can do to help me improve in a tangible way. Any brave readers out there care to offer some suggestions?

This entry feels different. I’m pretty sure no one’s going to read this for a few days, if ever, and I’m okay with that. Some days aren’t awesome, and today wasn’t one of those days. I’ve been meaning to go back and tag all my entries with tags that described my moods. Sad, happy, excited, melancholy, stuff like that. I want to see what tags pop up the most, and maybe that can give me a clearer picture on how my mood affects my journey. It’s an intriguing thought experiment that I want to follow up on.

And for my last sentence all I have to offer is this: sleep is important, so get as much of it as possible.