Mario Villalobos


I seem to have had a knack for breaking things recently. Yesterday I dropped by blender on the floor, and when I picked it up, I heard something rattling inside of it. Because I’m stupid, I plugged it in and started it up. I could smell smoke immediately. I’m pretty sure it’s dead, but I haven’t opened it up to double check. Today while I was doing the very last move in the Vertical Plyo workout, I decided to push myself and instead of only jumping laterally three-ladder lengths โ€” my limit since I started this workout last year โ€” I decided to jump the whole length of the ladder. I slipped and slid right into my closet door, unhooking it from its hinges. I tried to put it back together but I couldn’t do it on my own. I texted my landlord for help, and I think he’s coming over tomorrow to check it out.

I guess it’s fitting that I’m breaking things since today I spent a considerable amount of money buying new things. Some of the things I’m getting will replace some things I already own, but most of the things are new additions to my life. I believe they’ll make my life a bit more pleasant, especially while I’m at home, but that could just be me justifying these purchases. I tend to do that a lot. Amazingly, these purchases cover a tiny bit of all the new things I want to get. Most of the stuff I want to buy will replace things I already own (like that blender), and others will just make my home feel a bit more homey. I like being a minimalist, but I don’t like feeling constricted, which is what it’s doing. A good rug costs a couple hundred bucks, but it’ll make a huge difference to the feel of my home. You know, stuff like that.

Since about Day 3, I’ve been crossposting these entries on both Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been thinking of ending that on Day 50 because round numbers, but I’m going to stop doing that with this entry. 99% of my traffic comes from Facebook, so this’ll mean most nobody will read my blog unless they remember to visit manually. Why am I doing this? I’m tired of being obsessed with the metrics of this site. That’s not why I started this. I’m tired of feeling a little hurt if one entry didn’t get as many Facebook likes as I would’ve liked. I’ve had a link to an RSS feed for this site on the navigation bar since pretty much the beginning, and that’s the best way for people to get my stuff. And also, it feels like I’m writing to an audience and not for myself. That’s where I think I’m better as a writer. Maybe that’s why I like writing novels more than screenplays.

We all need to reboot our lives sometimes.