Mario Villalobos

Pistol Creek Fire (Day 4)

I’m no longer fighting the Pistol Creek fire. I demobilized a few hours ago, effectively ending my 2014 fire season. I fought seven fires this season, my most ever. I could’ve fought more since it looks like Seepay — Seepay! — caught fire again today. We’ve fought the Seepay fire three times already this summer, and she just won’t die. There were reports of 100 foot flame lengths coming from this fire today and that’s exciting. I won’t be there to fight it, but I hope my crew does.

More of the same today, except the heat felt unbearable. We performed better today, I think, too. All of our rookies finally knew what they were doing, so a few of us veterans trusted them to work well and with minimal supervision. We still had to teach them some things that seem very basic to us, but to a rookie, it’s not. It’s like learning how to walk. We just do it, but when you try to explain it to someone who’s never walked before, we’re kind of at a loss. They’ll be fine. I’ll be honest: since I knew today was going to be my last day, I slowed down a bit. I took pleasure in commanding others in what to do. I love teaching, but I like telling people what to do more. I’m going to be a squad boss next year, so I should be getting used to this. I can’t wait.

On our way to dinner, my new boss called me and told me the board had approved me, pending a background check, so I’m all good to come in tomorrow. He just said to come in, meet up with him, and we’ll take it from there. Out of curiosity, I asked him if there was a dress code. Business casual, he said, but Friday’s are casual, except you have to wear purple. Purple is the school’s colors. I don’t have anything business casual, or purple for that matter. So after I turned in all my gear at the Division of Fire, I rushed toward Walmart, bought the first nicest pair of black slacks I found, and a grey, collared, button-up long-sleeve shirt. I tried them both on and thought I looked sexy. In fact, I liked the long mirror they had in the dressing room, so I bought one for myself. I leaned it against my wall in my bathroom and took my clothes off to shower. Before I stepped in, though, I had to admire the view for a bit.

I’m damn sexy, ladies. Just thought I’d let you know.